With the increasing cost of employee health care benefits, your business may be interested in providing some of these benefits
As we approach the holidays, many people plan to donate to their favorite charities or give money or assets to
It’s understandable and indeed critical to focus a marketing campaign on the strengths and distinctive benefits of the products or
Are you considering a move to another state when you retire? Perhaps you want to relocate to an area where
The Social Security Administration recently announced that the wage base for computing Social Security tax will increase to $147,000 for
Employers offer 401(k) plans for many reasons, including to attract and retain talent. These plans help an employee accumulate a
Years ago, it may have seemed like only government agencies with top-secret intel or wealthy international banks had to worry
When choosing health care benefits, many businesses opt for a self-insured (self-funded) plan rather than a fully insured one. Why?
If your business is depreciating over a 30-year period the entire cost of constructing the building that houses your operation,
Have you heard of the “nanny tax?” Even if you don’t employ a nanny, it may apply to you. Hiring
When creating or updating your strategic plan, you might be tempted to focus on innovative products or services, new geographic
Are employees at your business traveling again after months of virtual meetings? In Notice 2021-52, the IRS announced the fiscal