If your business involves the production, purchase or sale of merchandise, your inventory accounting method can significantly affect your tax
Could your company’s benefits package use a bit of an upgrade? If so, one idea to consider is adding an
There are many ways to save for a child’s or grandchild’s education. But one has annual contribution limits, and if
  Many businesses receive payment in advance for goods and services. Examples include magazine subscriptions, long-term supply contracts, organization memberships,
Employers who offer retirement savings plans are already helping their workforces. But not all employees take advantage of these plans.
Income tax generally applies to all forms of income, including cancellation-of-debt (COD) income. Think of it this way: If a
The last month or so of the year offers accrual-basis taxpayers an opportunity to make some timely moves that might
As the saying goes, nothing lasts forever — and that goes for most companies. Then again, with the right succession
In addition to income tax, you must pay Social Security and Medicare taxes on earned income, such as salary and
Employers that hire individuals who are members of a “target group” may be eligible for the Work Opportunity tax credit
Nearly every business owner wants to grow his or her company. But with growth comes risk, and that can keep
A tried-and-true estate planning strategy is to make tax-free gifts to loved ones during life, because it reduces potential estate