If you received a 2016 federal income tax refund, you essentially made an interest-free loan to the government. Rather than
Husband can’t claim alimony deduction for splitting bonus with wife before their divorce. The U.S. Tax Court has held that
Offer not accepted. With an Offer in Compromise (OIC), the IRS can accept less than a taxpayer’s full income tax
All it takes is one employee mistake or bad hire to expose your business’s data to hackers. 
You’d be hard pressed to find a company not looking to generate more leads, boost sales and improve its profit
When it comes time to transition your role as business owner to someone else, you’ll face many changes. One of
Every company has at least one owner. And, in many cases, there exists leadership down through the organizational chart. But
Tax deductions require proof. Taxpayers may get tax breaks for charitable contributions if they can prove the donations. One taxpayer
Every company wants to generate leads, boost sales and improve profits. Today’s digital marketing technologies can help. To succeed online,
Picking someone to lead your company after you step down is probably among the hardest aspects of retiring (or otherwise
Some business owners make major decisions by relying on gut instinct. But investments made on a “hunch” often fall short